About Us

General Overview
Welcome to the CEC Vibration Products website. CEC Vibration Products (CEC) is a manufacturer of vibration sensors and condition monitoring equipment specialized for use in harsh environment applications. CEC provides a full line of self-generating velocity sensors, industrial and high temperature accelerometers, digital switches, transmitters, signal conditioners, remote displays, cables assemblies and more to measure, monitor and provide critical machinery feedback of machinery health. CEC also provides unsurpassed strain-gage application and engineering support for those customers that require a real solution for their gauged applications.

CEC has a field-proven reputation for product reliability and support. This strong reputation is the paramount reason our worldwide industrial, military, aerospace and marine customers choose CEC products for their critical machinery health measurements. Thank you for trusting CEC to bring quality to your field of operation.

Our reputation for innovation started in 1937 when CEC was first founded by Herbert Hoover, Jr. Even as a small operation in Pasadena, California we were continually pushing the limits of possibility. Our experimental models of a Mass Spectrometer became the industry benchmark for the petroleum industry. Other industry “firsts” included the first oscillograph that could simultaneously record 50 separate data channels and a primary and secondary pressure standard that made the 300-year-old mercury manometer obsolete. CEC also developed the sputtered thin film strain gage sensor that eventually became the industry standard for measurements in tough environments and critical applications.

With more than 70 years of field-proven experience, CEC’s reputation is unmatched in the industry. We lead the industry in developing and manufacturing precision instruments that measure vibration, acceleration, temperature, strain and force. Aggressive product research and a reputation for design excellence allows us to supply some of the world’s largest military, aerospace, marine, scientific and industrial customers. The expertise of our staff coupled with the vast resources we maintain at our 25,000 sq. ft. facility sets us fully apart from our competition.