New Product Announcement

CEC Vibration Products Introduces New In-Line
Charge Amplifier for Differential Accelerometers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – SEPTEMBER 28 2020 – COVINA, CALIFORNIA, USA the ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Rev D certified CEC Vibration Products today announced the availability of a low-noise in-line differential charge amplifier. The amplifier converts the high-impedance output from a piezoelectric accelerometer to a low impedance voltage output (±5 Volts).

Called the model 1-326-XX, this new amplifier features a noise floor of 0.77 uV/√Hz. Minimum source resistance is as low as 100kΩ thus the amplifier can be used with many high temperature accelerometers. The charge amplifier derives its power from an IEPE current source which is available on most monitoring and DAQ equipment. The 1-326 is available with four fixed gain ranges and three high-pass filter frequencies. The frequency range is 2Hz to 50kHz.

The unit is housed in a rugged stainless-steel cylindrical case providing protection levels expected in the industrial environment while providing laboratory precision. The operating temperature is -45o to 85oC. Applications include: test cell instrumentation, automotive R&D, vibration analysis and gas turbine engine monitoring.

About CEC Vibration Products

Founded in 1934 by Herbert Hoover, Jr. (son of the US president) CEC is a leader in the development and marketing of new innovative products. In 1961 CEC developed sputtered strain gauge technology which resulted in the formation of the Transducer Division which is currently CEC Vibration Products.

Today CEC Vibration Products is located in a world-class facility in Covina, California. The company is engaged in manufacturing high quality instrumentation for condition monitoring products for use in harsh environments. Products include transducers and their associated electronic instruments. Primary customers include aerospace, chemical plants, refineries, and numerous other industrial facilities and engine test cells.

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