Load Cells

Load Cells
CEC Vibration Products, Gauged Products Division, has one mission in mind: To design and produce the best load cells in the industry.

To achieve this goal, we have assembled the most experienced and qualified individuals in the industry. Beginning with Emory Farr (Founder and former President of Sensortronics), each member of our team draws from their extensive background knowledge in engineering, applications and sales support to provide to you the best solution in force measurement.

At our Headquarters and Engineering Center in Covina, California, we have extensive manufacturing capabilities for custom gauging services projects.

All of CEC Vibration Products force transducers are used in a wide rage of industries including Military, Aerospace, Power Generation, Medical, Industrial, Steel Mills, and many other force and weighing applications.

Our Covina, California facility also offers same day shipments of standard products, all at the most competitive prices.

CEC can bond gauges to most any substrate materials that require stress monitoring. From customer supplied materials to custom machined parts, CEC will provide finished gauged products that meet your demands.

Load Cell Repair Services
Virtually all types of load cells are repaired and calibrated by our trained technicians.

Custom or Standard Load Cells
S-Beams, Shear and Double-Ended Beams, Shear Pins, Blade Sensors, Planar Beams, Button Style Compression Cells, Ring Style and Torque Transducers are all varieties of load cells that CEC can manufacture.

FEA Engineering
CEC offers state-of-the-art Finite Element Analysis for use in the design of load cells. The ability to precisely predict a load cell’s reaction to stresses on the computer allow for a confident sensor application in the field.

Capacities: 250G thru 500,000 lbs.

Materials: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel