4-202 Strain Gage Accelerometer

Incredible Compact Design

4-202 Strain Gage Accelerometer


- Operates from ±5g to ±250g
- Wide temperature range
- Low cross axis sensitivity


- Aircraft Flight Test
- Missile/Rocket Test
- Suspension Test
- Deceleration/Brake Test


Performance characteristics of the CEC 4-202 Strain Gage Accelerometer are distinctly superior to any comparable instrument available today. It is one of the smallest temperature compensated strain gage accelerometers on the market. External dimensions are approximately 1 inch cubed, and weight is 3 ounces.

Designed for measuring static or dynamic accelerations perpendicular to the mounting surface, the 4-202 is available in ranges from ±5g to ±250g.
Operable temperature range is -70°F to +300°F (-57°C to +149°C). Combined linearity and hysteresis is conservatively rated at less than ±0.75% of full range output.

The 4-202 is a linear unbonded strain gage bi-directional accelerometer with four active arm, spring-type sensing elements. Allowable overacceleration (up to 20 times rated range) is achieved by incorporating mechanical stops on the instrument.

4-202 Spec Sheet