CEC Introduces the C-CATS 8000 System

CEC Introduces the C-CATS 8000 System: A New, Modular, User-Configurable Vibration Monitoring and Analysis Instrumentation device.

Offering more power and greater flexibility than ever before, the modular and programmable C-CATS provides continuous online vibration monitoring for industrial manufacturing, engine test cells, and other environments requiring precision machine monitoring. The system features a variety of signal conditioning and processing modules using analog and digital signal processing for accuracy resolution and stability.

The system features excellent “plug and play” configuration flexibility and simple setup and operation. In addition to accepting user-configured proprietary operating software – CEC’s Windows-based C-CATS Software – the system now accepts optional National Instruments’ LabVIEW software. In addition, the industry-exclusive Manual Operation Module is optionally available for manual setup and storage for immediate recall of multiple parameter configurations. The system is rack-mounted in 3U and 6U 19-inch chassis units with 1 to 14 channels, depending on the selection of amplifiers, tracking filters and desired power supply. Each independent amplifier includes programmable low-pass, high-pass, and tracking filters.

Minimum PC system requirements for the C-CATS 8000 are Windows 3.1 or higher software, 486 DX2 or higher CPU, 16Mb RAM, 5Mb available hard disk space, 3 1/2″ floppy and 9600 bps dedicated RS-232 port.

Learn more about the C-CATS 8000 here.