Force Monitoring: Custom Load Cell Application

At CEC, we understand that our customers face unique challenges daily; because of this, standard parts are not always the right solution. Therefore, we have made it our mission to help provide our customers with ease in finding solutions for their test and measurement applications.

We have explored the possibilities of customization when working with our customers for the past 20 years. Our team of engineers and manufacturing personnel are skilled, qualified, and capable of modifying our standard products to meet your specific requirements, or working with you to create a completely custom solution. In the application described below, CEC worked with a press manufacturer to provide and design a purely customized load cell solution.

The force required to successfully form sheet metal products is a delicate balance; too little pressing force and the shape is incomplete; too much force and the product becomes over-stressed and misshaped. Combined with the requirement of rapid production, this manufacturer found itself in need of a solution.

In order to assist, CEC Engineers worked directly with the press manufacturer to determine the most effective solution: A specifically designed load cell to fit within forming dies, providing real-time feedback during the forming process. This force monitoring was initially used to determine the correct force, down to the pound, to correctly form the product. Without any alteration of the application, the continual monitoring of this now-established force during production runs ensured accurate, reliable forming.

To move to the final solution, we consulted with the Production Engineers to see if we could improve this new product. When it was determined that the other systems within the manufacturing process utilized a 4-20mA signal, we provided on-board amplification, producing a noise-immune output easily configured with existing factory systems.

We understand the importance of working with our customers to find the most efficient solution for your application needs. By working closely with our customers we are able to find a solution to match every challenge. So whether it is load cells, force sensors, vibration sensors, or instrumentation that needs adapting or customizing, our team will work with you to produce a sensible and suitable solution.

Trust CEC to bring quality to your field of operation.

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