1-808 Vibration Transmitter

Quality Monitoring Meets Compact Design

1-808 Vibration Transmitter


- Calibrated 4-20 mA output proportional to transducer input
- Buffered output
- Includes Filtering
- Signal / Cable monitoring


- Industrial Turbines
- Remote machinery monitoring
- Turbine-driven power generators
- Gas transmission compressors


The 1-808 is designed for the industrial environment where machine monitoring is important and space is at a premium. Each 1-808 Vibration Transmitter includes a high-pass and low-pass filter and the transmitters are configured to the customer's specification at the CEC factory. By providing a calibrated 4-20 mA output signal, the 1-808 Vibration Transmitter is ideal for use with PLC's, DCS's, remote displays, or other electronic systems.

One of the two key features of the transmitter is its ability to monitor the sensor and cable integrity. In the event of a sensor cable failure, the current output will drive to 2.5 mA and the green status LED will be extinguished. Another key feature consists of a buffered output connection which enables the user to connect across the vibration sensor without affecting the analog output. On-line vibration analysis and testing of the sensor is now a simple procedure.

1-808 Spec Sheet