4-102 / 4-103 Vibration Sensor

Friction-Free Design with Outstanding Life

4-102 / 4-103 Vibration Sensor


- Friction-free design for large dynamic range and long life
- Self-generated, high level, low impedence output simplifies your system


- Vibration Analysis and Monitoring
- Dynamic Balancing Equipment
- Engineering Test and Research
- Production & Quality Testing
- Compressors


The fluid-damped moving elements in CEC’s 4-102 and 4-103 Vibration Transducers are free of friction, assuring long life and reliability. This frictionless design also features outstanding dynamic range. It can be used to measure displacement to 0.5 inches, with low-levels limited only by system noise. These transducers are used to measure vibration in many applications, such as fans, high speed motors, rotating machinery, in test cells and on dynamic balancing equipment.

The output signal is proportional to velocity, often considered the best measurement for machine health monitoring. The low impedance, high level output can drive AC meters and recorders without using special amplifiers, simplifying your system. These transducers use a seismic mass magnet suspended by springs, and a coil fixed to the case.

The output signal results from relative movement between the magnet and coil when the case vibrates. The system is fluid-damped, and operates above its natural frequency. The special “C” springs, which support the mass, withstand high transverse accelerations and rough handling. Positive hermetic sealing prevents damage to the instrument when used in severe environments.