4-160 Top or Side Exit Accelerometers

Economical Vibration Sensors

4-160 Top or Side Exit Accelerometer


- Two-Wire, Current Driven
- Internal Amplifier
- Hermetically Sealed
- Internally Shielded
- Electrical Isolation
- Thermal Isolation
- Stainless Steel Body
- Single Point Mounting
- Temperature Range: -58 to +250°F (-50 to +121°C)


- Light Industrial
- Gear Boxes
- Motors
- Bearing Housing
- Pumps
- Roll & Process Equipment


The 4-160 series accelerometers are intended to satisfy the general requirements for a low cost vibration sensor for use in multi-point experimental or light industrial vibration monitoring applications. These accelerometers feature a two-wire current loop operating principle which permits very long interconnecting cables to be used where necessary and at minimum expense since standard screened pair (or multi-pair) cables may be used.

Hazardous Rated 4-160-5002.Rev.16000
4-160-1201 Spec Sheet