4-161 Velocity Output Accelerometer

Reliable and Economical Accelerometer

4-161 Velocity Output Accelerometer


- Two-wire, Current Driven
- Velocity Output
- Hermetically Sealed
- Internally Shielded
- Electrical Isolated
- Thermal Isolation
- Stainless Steel Body
- Single Point Mounting


- Light Industrial
- Multi-Point Experimental
- Large Fans
- Motors
- Generators
- Bearing Housing
- Pumps


The 4-161 series velocity output accelerometer intended to satisfy the general specification requirements for a low cost vibration sensor. Designed for use in multi-point experimental or light industrial vibration monitoring applications, where velocity measurements are required.

The velocity output accelerometer two-wire current loop operating principle permits very long interconnecting cables to be used where neccessary and at minimum expense since standard screened pair (or multi-pair) cables may be used. The piezoelectric sensor and amplifier are contained within an inner metal enclosure which is electrically and thermally insulated from the outer stainless steel body.

This arrangement prevents ground loops and minimizes the effects of thermal shocks and base strain. The inner enclosure is connected to the 0V of the two-wire system and is therefore an effective electrical screen. External connections are made via a top exit integral cable or electrical connector.

The transducer is mounted by means of a single threaded hole in the base of the cylindrical body, this being intended to accept a mounting stud of the standard (non-isolating) type.