4-171 High Temperature Piezoelectric Accelerometer

Excellent Operation at High Temperatures

4-171 High Temperature Piezoelectric Accelerometer


- Self-generated (no external power)
- Balanced Differential Output
- Operates to +900°F
- Available in 10, 20 or 50 pC/g


- Gas Turbine Engine Monitoring
- Ground Test Application
- APU Testing
- Compressor or Gear Box Monitoring


The CEC Model 4-171 is a self-generating, piezoelectric accelerometer designed for high temperature vibration measurement applications. This instrument provides a high sensitivity and stable output for continuous operation at temperatures as high as +900°F.

While the unit does not require power for operation, the accelerometer output must be operated into a charge converter that is designed to accept a 100 kohm source resistance. The 4-171 piezo ceramic sensing element is housed within a rugged case. The case and connector are both made from Inconel.

The mounting base incorporates a standard three-point mounting pattern on a 1.188” diameter B.C., common to many applications. The 4-171 series provides a balanced differential output that is isolated from the case ground. Sensitivities available include 10 pC/g, 20 pC/g and 50 pC/g.

4-171 Spec Sheet