CEC Introduces the 1-808 Compact Vibration Transmitter

Each 1-808 vibration transmitter includes a high-pass and low-pass filter and the transmitters are configured to customer specifications at CEC’s facility. By providing a calibrated 4-20mA output signal, the 1-808 transmitter is ideal for use with PLC’s, DCS, remote displays and other electronic systems.

A key feature of the 1-808 is its ability to monitor the sensor and cable integrity. In the event of a sensor or cable failure the current output will drive to 2.5mA and the green status LED will be turned off. The second key feature consists of a buffered output connection enabling the user to connect across the vibration sensor, making on-line vibration analysis and sensor testing a simple procedure.

Applications include industrial turbines, remote machinery monitoring, turbine-driven power generators and gas compressor stations.

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