1-328 Differential Charge Amplifier

1-328 Spec Sheet

Robust Design with Several Features

1-328 Differential Charge Amplifier


- Low Impedance Output
- Extremely Low Noise
- User Selectable Gain
- Wide Frequency Response
- Acceleration and Velocity Outputs


- Test Cell Instrumentation
- Automotive R&D
- Aerospace Flight Testing


The CEC model 1-328-0XXX is a remote Chartge Converter designed for use with differential piezoelectric transducers. This robust device converts a high impedance charge input to a low impedance AC mV output. Both an acceleration output and a proportional velocity signal are provided.

The 1-328 output is proportional to the pC charge input at a constant gain throughout the specified operating range. The 1-328 features a field selectable output gain of x2 or x10 and a frequency response of 5Hz1 to 10 kHz. The 1-328 is powered by a 24 Vdc compliance voltage.

1-328 Spec Sheet