2700 Precision Signal Source

A Versatile, Easy to Use System

2700 Precision Signal Source


- Differential or single-ended charge output
- Low impedance AC or DC millivolt output
- Average, RMS, or Peak units
- Four-digit LCD readout
- Operates with AC or battery power


- Vibration Monitoring System
- Test Cell Instrumentation
- Field Test Systems
- Test Engineering and R & D Facilities
- Control Instrumentation


Designed to calibrate instrumentation systems, the portable CEC 2700 Precision Signal Source provides accurate signals that simulate charge or millivolt outputs from piezoelectric accelerometers or other motional transducers. This portable instrument is easy to set-up and use.

Unlike other fixed-setting calibrators, the CEC 2700 lets you calibrate systems at specific test or operating conditions because you can adjust the frequency and output level to any value within their range. Also, you can convert between units of acceleration, velocity and displacement when calibrating vibration systems.

The heart of the CEC Precision Signal Source is a microprocessor-based quartz crystal-controlled synthesized oscillator. It is adjustable in 0.1 Hz increments from 10.0 to 9999.9 Hz using the five-digit front panel thumb-wheel switch. All outputs are derived from this stable and accurate oscillator.

Output levels are set at the front panel with the COARSE and FINE OUTPUT ADJUST controls. The differential and single-ended charge outputs are developed from the oscillator, and an A/D voltage converter supplies the DC millivolt output.

2700 Spec Sheet