Velocity Sensors

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  • 4-123 Vibration Sensor

    The 4-123-0001 uses a seismic mass that moves on a special bearing mechanism. The interaction between the stationary coil and the high output magnet produces the AC mV ouput signal when the case is mounted to a structure in motion.
  • 4-118 Vibration Sensors

    CEC's miniature 4-118 Vibration Sensors are especially valuable where space is limited, and where heavier sensors would invalidate your results.
  • 4-106 Vibration Transducer

    The 4-106 features solid construction, affording excellent wear resistance and minimum sliding friction.
  • 4-102 / 4-103 Vibration Sensor

    These transducers are used to measure vibration in many applications, such as fans, high speed motors, rotating machinery, in test cells and on dynamic balancing equipment.