4-123 Vibration Sensor

Vibration Sensor Suited for Turbine Applications

4-123 Vibration Sensor


- Self-generated, high level, low impedance output
- Weighs only 4.25 ounces
- Operates to +500°F (+260°C)


- Aircraft Engines
- Industrial Turbines
- Power Generators
- Test Cells
- Test and Research


CEC's 4-123 Vibration Sensors are particularly suited to turbine applications. They operate to +500°F, have low sensitivity to transverse accelerations, and can be mounted in any plane. The low impedance, high level output requires no special amplifiers, simplifying your measurement system. Precision jewel bearings provide nearly friction-free movement for long life reliability.

The 4-123-0001 uses a seismic mass that moves on a special bearing mechanism. The interaction between the stationary coil and the high output magnet produces the AC mV ouput signal when the case is mounted to a structure in motion.

The output signal is proportional to velocity and is specified as mV / inches per second. This air-damped system operates above its natural frequency and is protected from contamination by a sealed case.