4-138 Velocity Transducer

Monitor Critical Equipment with Precision

4-138 Velocity Transducer


- Friction-free design for long life
- Self-generated, high level, low impedence output
- Operates to +700°F


- Industrial Turbines
- Turbine-Driven Machinery
- Power Generators
- Gas Pumping Systems


The friction-free moving elements in CEC's 4-138 Velocity Transducers assure long life and reliability. Designed for industrial applications on fixed turbines, you can use this instrument in turbine hot sections where high temperatures cause problems with other sensors.

The system is simplified due to the low impedance, high level output that can drive AC meters, recorders, and control electronics without using special amplifiers.

The friction-less design also allows measurement of extremely low vibration levels, critical when monitoring precision balanced turbine systems. The low level is limited only by system noise. The 4-138 is a seismic mass type velocity transducer designed for measuring vertical vibrations at low frequencies and high temperatures up to +700°F (+371°C).

The output signal results from relative movement between the internal coil and magnet when the case vibrates. This magnetic damped system operates above its natural frequency. The self-generated sensor output is proportional to velocity.

4-138 Spec Sheet