1-895M Multi-Channel Vibration Monitor

Monitor Critical Equipment with Precision

1-895M Multi-Channel Vibration Monitor


- Dual Alarms
- 3-digit LCD Display
- 30-second start-up trip delay, prevents false alarms
- 4-20 mA output
- Velocity or Displacement response


- Industrial Fans
- Compressors
- Centrifugal Pumps
- Motors
- Cooling Towers


The 1-895M is a versatile multi-purpose Vibration Monitor, featuring solid state electronics. The 1-895M is available in a variety of input/output configurations.

The 1-895M constantly monitors the vibration levels on critical machinery and provides timely feedback in the event of machine breakdown. There is a 30-second monitor start-up delay that is initiated by the application of power or the grounding of the start input at which point the delay does not begin until the start input is released.

The active vibration level for each channel is displayed on individual 3-digit displays, and each channel provides a proportional 4-20 mA current loop output. The alarm levels are easily set via two front-panel push-buttons located next to each channels display.

Two alarm indicators are present and indicate when an alarm level is exceeded and the corresponding alarm relay will also be enabled. The alarms are latched and must be reset at the 1-895M or via an optional external remote alarm reset input.

1-895M Spec Sheet