4-125 Vibration Sensor

Simplify Your Measuring System

4-125 Vibration Sensor (Replaced by 4-137)


- Self-generated, high level, low impedence output
- Operates to +700°F (+371°C)
- Field Repairable


- Aircraft Engines
- Industrial Turbines
- Test Cells


CEC designed the 4-125 Vibration Sensor for turbine applications. You can use them in turbine hot sections, such as the turbine case, where high temperatures can cause problems with other sensors. The low impedance, high level output requires no special amplifiers, simplifying your measurement system. They have low sensitivity to transverse accelerations, and you can mount them in any plane.

CEC’s 4-125 Vibration Transducers use a seismic magnet that moves on gold bearings. A coil is attached to the case, and movement between the magnet and coil produces the ouput signal when the case vibrates.

This air-damped system operates above its natural frequency so the output is proportional to velocity. Rugged construction and design simplicity insure high reliability and long service life.


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