4-130-0128 Vibration Transducer

Our Most Compact Velocity Sensor

4-130-0128 Vibration Transducer


- New bearing materials provide exceptional service life.
- Self-generated, high level, low impedance output.
- CEC's smallest velocity sensor.


- Aircraft Turbine Engines
- Test Cells
- Civil & Military Aircraft Ground Support


CEC Vibration Products is proud to present the newest addition to the very successful 4-130 family of self- generating, low impedence, velocity output vibration transducers.

Designed for use on turbine applications where temperature and noise can cause other sensors to malfunction, the 4-130-0128 can be mounted in tight-fit locations to assure that only actual engine vibrations are transmitted for analysis.

CEC velocity transducers simplify your analysis system because low impedence, high level AC mV output does not require special preamplifiers or costly low-noise cables.

The 4-130-0128 velocity transducer provides a direct calibrated AC mV/inch/sec output that can be transmitted via standard cable uninterrupted to the monitoring systems.