4-162 Vibration Sensor / Transmitter (4-20 mA output)

Compact and Flexible Accelerometer

4-162 Vibration Sensor / Transmitter (4-20 mA output)


- Loop-powered
- Direct connect to PLC & DCS systems
- Hermetically Sealed
- Internally Shielded
- Thermal Isolation


- Multi-Point Experimental
- Fans
- Motors
- Generators
- Compressors
- Pumps


The 4-162 vibration sensor is a compact, well-protected industrial accelerometer, giving a process output of 4-20mA proportional to various vibration ranges in terms of velocity RMS.

The 4-162 is intended for use as a direct input of vibration levels into many different kinds of control and data acquisition systems, however it can be used with a trip amplifier or suitable display as a stand alone unit.

The outer case is constructed from stainless steel, hermetically sealed and electronically isolated from the signal connection which is made via a top exit cable or 2-pin connector. The transducer is mounted by means of a single threaded hole in the base of the cylindrical body, this accepts a mounting stud which is supplied by CEC.