Monitoring Systems

  • 1-895M Multi-Channel Vibration Monitor

    The 1-895M is a versatile multi-purpose Vibration Monitor, featuring solid state electronics. The 1-895M is available in a variety of input/output configurations.
  • 1-828 / 1-830 Displacement Transmitter

    The 1-828/830 series radial displacement transmitters continue the successful line of vibration transmitters designed and manufactured by CEC.
  • 1-895 Vibration Switch

    The 1-895 is a versatile multi-purpose vibration switch. It features a built-in accelerometer and solid state electronics.
  • 1-328 Differential Charge Amplifier

    The CEC model 1-328-0XXX is a remote Charge Converter designed for use with differential piezoelectric transducers.
  • 1-320 Remote Charge Amplifier

    The Type 1-320 Remote Charge Converter (RCC) is designed for use with single-ended piezoelectric transducers that do not have internal electronics.
  • C-CATS 8000

    The modular programmable CEC 8000 Computer-Controlled Amplifier/ Tracking System (C-CATS) offers more power and greater flexibility than ever.
  • EVAT Multi-Channel FFT Analyzer

    The CEC multi-channel FFT analyzer is designed to work in conjunction with the 8000 CCATS system with direct connectivity of up to 4 channels.
  • 2700 Precision Signal Source

    Designed to calibrate instrumentation systems, the portable CEC 2700 Precision Signal Source provides accurate signals that simulate charge or millivolt outputs from piezoelectric accelerometers or other motional transducers.
  • 1-157 Portable Vibration Meter

    CEC’s 1-157 Vibration Meter is a portable unit which indicates peak-to-peak displacement and average velocity.
  • 1-310 Charge Amplifier Series

    The 1-310 series charge amplifiers are used with piezo-electric accelerometers that do not have internal electronics.